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A. Country Ambassador
DMA Asia ECHO Country Ambassador is an official envoy, especially a highest ranking spokesperson, who will represent a country. DMA ASIA ECHO Ambassador is entrusted with extensive powers of pioneering the robust relations across the advertising, marketing fraternity and patrons.

I. Purpose :

• to propagate and embellish about the DMA ASIA program

• to cultivate participation and cooperation with the entrusted geography

• to foster new relations.

• to champion the best efforts

II. Eligibility:
• Minimum 20+ years of overall experience and a 10+ Year of experience in the Asian Markets

• Asian level involvement in other Awards/ Association

• Country level involvement with other counterparts in the Asian Region/ Markets.

• Powerful network of contacts with the leading companies in Asian Market.

III.What is expected from Country Ambassador
• Establish the local Chapter

◦ Identify onboard influencers as key supporting members from local marketing & agency leadership. Oversee a volunteer secretariat.

• Feedback & Review

◦ Provide inputs on program mechanics, suggest program improvements and provide local feedback.

• Establish contacts - Make Introductions

◦ Make warm introductions from own and expanded network with associations, media companies, agencies and marketers for partnerships and participation. 

• Jury Members 

◦ Help in identifying Jury Members, Jury Presidents and make introductions with the same.

• Resource Mobilisation

◦ Extend directly or through network of contacts make available local resources for promotions, communications, road shows, meets and local events

• Serve as geography spokesperson

◦ To generate excitement about the Awards by relevant timely press notes in consultation with the DMA ASIA ECHO secretariat and amplify via social media

• Motivate Participation

◦ Encourage directly and via local chapter leadership team to garner maximum participation from the assigned geography.

• Attend the Award Gala on 6th Aug 2015 at Mumbai

◦ Bring in the country delegation, if possible

IV. Privileges of becoming a Country Ambassador
• A commitment not to abuse your time and generosity.

• Prominent visibility on the Website and ongoing promotional mailers.

• Handing over awards at the Awards Gala and interaction with Media.

• A DMA ASIA ECHO Awards souvenir.

• Permission to use the title Country Ambassador, DMA ASIA ECHO Awards

• An opportunity to involved at the DMAI Annual (pls visit this year website:

• An opportunity to be involved at the DMA International ECHO Awards program

V. Remuneration
DMA ASIA ECHO Awards is powered by DMA India. As a not for profit DMA India does not pay remuneration for involvement and leaders get involved to advance the profession & practice. Any pre approved / agreed out of pocket expenses incurred to promote the program will be reimbursed.



Mirrored on the lines of the DMA International ECHO judges criteria, DMA ASIA ECHO judges are an elite group of senior-level professionals with years of response marketing experience as well as specific industry experience. All judges are real practitioners—marketers, agencies, advertisers, or solution providers. Judges are required to submit an application, which is reviewed by the Judging Committee. The committee verifies qualifications and expertise. After they are verified as experts and leaders in their peer groups, they are assigned categories of their expertise.

Judges also may be nominated by the DMA ASIA ECHO Board of Governors, DMA ASIA ECHO Ambassadors, and fellow ECHO judges. The Judging Committee will review and verify qualifications and expertise. DMA ASIA ECHO judges are fair, impartial, and committed to keeping the DMA ASIA ECHOs the most meaningful Response Marketing Award. They may not vote for any entry which they have a conflict of interest or any professional or personal affiliation. The Judging Committee monitors the work of each judge for fairness and accuracy. New judges are eligible to judge in round one only.

Screening, (round 1) and Semi-Final (round 2) judges have 5+ years of direct response-based marketing among minimum of 3 different types of media; Experience in all relevant direct marketing strategies including traffic, demand generation, conversation, conversion, retention/loyalty, advocacy, and enhancing customer value.

Final Round Judges have 15+ years of direct response-based marketing among minimum of 3 different types of media; Experience in all relevant direct marketing strategies including traffic, demand generation, conversation, conversion, retention/loyalty, advocacy, and enhancing customer value.
Being an DMA ECHO ASIA judge isn’t just an elite honor. It’s also rewarding—and enjoyable.


The DMA ASIA ECHO Award is a yearly honor that recognizes and celebrates direct marketing excellence across multiple channels and industries across ASIA.
As an DMA ASIA ECHO Judge, you’ll reap myriad benefits such as:
  1. Notoriety—you’ll be recognized as a leader in data driven marketing.
  2. Exposure—you’ll be exposed to a wealth of creative and innovative marketing strategies and techniques that will keep you ahead of the pack.
  3. Networking—you’ll have opportunities to foster new relationships and alliances.
  4. Discount Registration—as an DMA ASIA ECHO Judge, you’ll receive a discounted registration fee for the Global Marketing Advertising Week
  5. Advancement - As an DMA ASIA ECHO judge your name could be nominated for the DMA International ECHO Judges.

For the 2015 DMA ASIA ECHO Awards, Round 1, 2, and 3 judging will take place in online from Juy 14-23, 2015. Overall, participating judges come from cities across the .

Click Here for the Judging Application form. For more on the benefits of participating as a 2015 DMA ASIA ECHO judge, contact Babita Jalwal, DMA ASIA ECHO™ Awards at